I Don't Work for Bonus

Posted by That inner voice in all of us on Dec 15, 2015
In Rant, Vent

I work to get paid and to make a difference There’s the difference.

One who puts bonus as a primary reason working puts themselves before others. This does not make a foundation for a good team. I’m attracted to the state of people working together because it’s what they want to do. To make a better place/widget/experience. Yes, we all need money to survive, but it does not resonate well with me that the person you might be working next to has goals to benefit only themselves. Not saying that one has to go gluten free and non GMO and give all their pennies to charities with acronyms too lengthy to form into ‘phonetical quips’. However, working for reasons other than just bonus money will make for better work, better working environments and generally make you feel better. I’m hopeful that this falls somewhere closer to utopia than dystopia.